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Brent Morcombe
Website Administrator, Author and Publisher
Gladstone NSW 2431


Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Brent Morcombe: Website publisher and administrator of the Solar Directory website, solar energy and renewable energy advocate and enthusiast, and climate change action activist with a mission to promote solar in Australia.

Trade qualified in automotive repair, coach building, anti-corrosion coating applications and sheet metal fabrication: Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology AUR32120. Completed training and apprenticeship at Lismore Technical and Further Education at Southern Cross University.

Ten years of further education, training and experience working in the electrical, plumbing and refrigeration industry as a professional trades assistant involved maintaining large-scale air handling and air conditioning units, industrial chillers, solar energy systems, large-scale solar hot water systems and energy infrastructure for commercial buildings, hotels and significant Australian resorts.

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