50th solar retailer wins Clean Energy Council approval

50th solar retailer wins Clean Energy Council approval

The 50th solar company got the Clean Energy Council (CEC) tick of approval this week.

The CEC’s Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, designed to protect the rights of consumers, continues to grow in influence across Australia.

There are three categories of CEC endorsement that cover individual installers, solar PV retailers and associated clean energy businesses:

  • CEC Membership;
  • CEC Approval; and
  • CEC Accreditation.

As a CEC accredited installer, Energy Matters is proud of its track record in the provision of strong customer service and consumer protection.

Energy Matters received special thanks from CEC for its role as a foundation member of the CEC’s endorsement scheme.

How a solar company receives accreditation

The Solar Retailer Code of Conduct was first introduced in 2013.

It sets high standards for member companies to achieve in order to get accreditation.

Authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), it’s also the only program of its kind in Australia.

A wide range of solar industry experts, consumer groups, energy user associations, regulators, legal advisors and ombudsmen have contributed to the scheme.

Furthermore, according to the CEC, it rejects as many company applications as it accepts because they do not meet the standard.

In addition, retailers accepted into the program are required to offer a minimum five-year whole-of-system warranty.

They must also commit to delivering excellence in customer service and ethical marketing practices.

Full protection for solar company consumers

With such high standards to attain, the code of conduct takes a lot of worry out of getting solar quotes and installing solar power.

According to CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton, the code gives consumers confidence to choose a solar panel installer.

The program is now making a significant impact on the industry and consequently its customers.

Mr Thornton says: “Solar power is a great answer to rising power prices, as more than 1.7 million Australian households will testify.

“We want to make sure that people invest in this fantastic technology with no regrets.”

The Clean Energy Council provides free solar accreditation guides for both homes and businesses.

News item provided courtesy of Energy Matters Australia

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