Instyle Solar CEO Karl Brown: Aussie Businesses Are Going Solar

Instyle Solar CEO Karl Brown: Aussie Businesses Are Going Solar

If you monitor the recent news headlines, you might get an impression that solar power is typically associated with two scenarios: it is either reserved for residential rooftops or involved in multi-million dollar utility-scale solar farms.

What is left behind the scenes is the quiet solar revolution of Australian small to medium-sized businesses that have already discovered the benefits of going solar.

Yes, it is good for your business's karma, but not only this. The savings on electricity costs can be huge, and so can the ROI of the system.

According to Karl Brown, the Founder and Chief Executive of Instyle Solar, the leading Queensland solar company, the investment in a solar system can pay itself off within a three to six-year period.

"We provide systems that are usually going to pay themselves off in a three to six-year period. Based on five years, we're talking about a 20% return on investment to the business," says Karl Brown.

As the cost of electricity has only risen in the past few years, the operating costs of businesses have increased as well.

In an ever-competitive economical environment, companies have to either experience lower profits or pass the cost on to us - the customers of their goods and services.

One of the ways to avoid the dilemma and to reduce business operating costs is to invest in solar.

“The advantages of solar are not just for residential clients; the savings can be huge for businesses too. And there has never been a better time for businesses to get involved," says Brown.

The greatest thing about solar for business is the benefit you can get for an office running during the day. While a residential client might use half of their power during the day and a half at night, most businesses would use 80% or more during business hours.

"Most of the power used by businesses is used during the day when solar will be working, so it takes away the need for storage and batteries," says Brown. "This means we're able to provide some pretty great cost savings."

But keep in mind: while the smartly planned system makes financial sense, a poorly designed solar system and cheap products will make no sense in the long run.

The same applies to finding a proper solar installation company. As there are a lot of variables to consider before making the decision to go solar, you want to make sure the solar partner you choose will not disappear tomorrow but will be around for the years to come.

Instyle Solar has a reputation as a trustworthy, family-owned company. Where many solar businesses have faltered, Instyle has soared, supplying thousands of Queenslanders with cost-saving solar tech since its founding in 2012.

Karl Brown was selected as the best Young Entrepreneur of The Year for two years in a row in the category for Retail and Services, according to Business News Australia.

So what to look for in your solar partner?

Karl Brown suggests: “Make sure that experts provide you with all technical specs about solar products. But first and foremost they should sit down with you and explain the financial side of the product, create a financial model that will work for your business and show you exactly how much can be saved in the long term. This is how we do business at Instyle’.

"If you can afford your power bill, you can afford solar!" says Karl Brown.


Darryn Van Hout

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