Solar Panels Rebate turbo-charges uptake of solar in Victoria

The following is an article on the Victorian solar panels rebate from MASH (More Affordable Solar Homes) written by the Program Lead, Jo Kaptein.

A massive 260 households have ordered solar through MASH since the 19th of August 2018 when the Victorian State Government solar panels rebate was announced. Worth up to $2225, the rebate is stimulating mega-demand through the MASH community solar bulk-buy and across the industry.

Lots of MASH customers have been asking us whether this rebate will still be available after the election on 24 November 2018, even if their system hasn’t been installed by that date.
We’ve been talking to Solar Victoria, who administer the rebate, to check out the details.

The good news is that the answer is YES. The rebate will continue to be available after the election – regardless of which party wins – and it will be available to eligible households until 30 June 2019 or when 24,000 homes have received the rebate, whichever comes first. Solar Victoria tell us that there are still thousands of rebates left.

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From L to R – Mike Wright and Buddy Norris, MASH installers and Carl Harvey, MASH customer in Castlemaine, Victoria
From L to R – Mike Wright and Buddy Norris, MASH installers and Carl Harvey, MASH customer in Castlemaine, Victoria

Solar Panels Rebate eligibility criteria

To be eligible, you must meet these criteria:

• Your combined household taxable income must be less than $180,000/yr.
• You are the owner-occupier of the home.
• Your home is valued at under $3 million.
• You don’t have solar PV on my property OR you are replacing a solar PV system that was installed before 1 November 2009.

Solar Victoria advises that if you haven’t had your solar system installed yet, but would like to ensure eligibility for the rebate, the best thing to do is to complete the eligibility form on their website at Only Solar Victoria can confirm your eligibility.

Once a householder is eligible they will receive an eligibility number via email, which effectively reserves their spot in the rebate queue for up to 4 months while installation takes place.

And more good news!! Solar Victoria has confirmed that if you meet the eligibility criteria and your Solar Provider Statement is approved, they will hold a rebate aside for you. Once you submit all the correct paperwork post-installation – within the time period specified by Solar Victoria – then there is every likelihood (although not an absolute guarantee) that you will be paid the rebate.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can call Solar Victoria and ask them to post you the relevant forms.

For more solar panels rebate information

Find out more about the solar panels rebate at the MASH Solar & Rebate Info Meeting on Tuesday 20 November, 6.30pm-8pm at the Castlemaine Senior Citizens Centre. To reserve your place, visit or call MASH on 1300 466 274.

To contact Solar Victoria about the rebate, visit or call 1300 363 744.

News item provided courtesy of Energy Matters Australia.

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