Moreland City Council solar bulk buy program cuts household power bills

Moreland City Council solar bulk buy program cuts household power bills

Moreland City Council in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne is celebrating a successful solar bulk buy program that helps slash the household power bills of many residents.

Martin, from Coburg North, is the latest resident to sing the Council’s praises. That’s because his electricity bill has more or less halved since installing solar panels six months ago.

He bought solar panels through Moreland Council’s innovative solar bulk buy scheme. Residents get great prices on solar panels, along with a wealth of energy advice.

Solar bulk buy program simplifies solar purchase

According to Martin, it was a risk-free process. In the past he says he had put off buying a solar installation because he wasn’t sure which supplier to trust.

The solar bulk buy scheme provided three solar quotes from trusted providers, then talked Martin through the details of each one.

“I’ve noticed a difference straight away,” he says. Martin’s electricity bill has reduced from $200-$250 to around $100-$120. He can now run his air-conditioner on hot days without having to worry about high cost.

This gives him peace of mind. He also knows he’s doing something positive for the environment.

“I’d definitely recommend the Positive Charge scheme to other Moreland residents,” Martin says. “We’ve had a great experience with it. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Other councils share in Positive Charge success

Moreland Council established the not-for-profit Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) in 2000. It was designed to help local households, businesses and community groups save money and reduce carbon emissions.

MEFL’s Positive Charge team has since gone from strength to strength. As a result it now offers a range of services along with an energy helpline to give local people great deals on renewable energy.

Moreland’s solar bulk buy program is also part of its ambitious Zero Carbon Evolution scheme.

Renewable evolution: solar bulk buy schemes spread

Moreland’s zero carbon initiative is mirrored in similar ventures elsewhere in the state.

Victoria’s Darebin City Council set up its Solar Saver scheme in 2014 to help pensioner homeowner households. Council paid upfront for their solar power system with the household or landlord paying it off in instalments.

Darebin then created its own solar bulk buy scheme. This meant households bought their own systems with more choice of supplier.

Now Hepburn Shire in Central Victoria also has a solar bulk buy scheme run by More Australian Solar Homes (MASH).

Article provided courtesy of Energy Matters Australia.