SunEdison Australia Adding Home Battery Systems

The team at SunEdison Australia are gearing up to add battery storage options to their residential solar power system product lineup – including the recently launched SunEdison Energy Plan.

The company will incorporate battery systems into packages for outright purchase and as a SunEdison Energy Plan upgrade for new and current customers.

Launched early this year in Australia, SunEdison Energy Plan enables eligible households to go solar for $0 up-front and without the burden of system ownership. SunEdison, the world’s largest renewable energy developer, was one of the first in the world to offer this proven model.

“Customers signing up for SunEdison Energy Plan now will also be able to upgrade their plans to battery storage and be among the first offered it,” said SunEdison Australia Managing Director, Jeremy Rich. “We intend integrating top quality battery systems such as the hugely popular Tesla Powerwall when stock becomes available.”

Mr. Rich says this future option combined with a current special offer means now is a great time to go solar with SunEdison Energy Plan.

“Currently, customers signing up for SunEdison Energy Plan receive 50% cash back on their first 8 months – in advance. They also enjoy 24/7 monitoring , maintenance and repairs for 15 years, a performance guarantee and insurance coverage.”

“This truly is a worry-free way to go solar with the ongoing backup of technology experts from a company with a 50 year history. SunEdison Energy Plan is solar made simple – an easy way to start saving on daytime electricity rates,” stated Mr. Rich.

The addition of home battery storage will enable SunEdison Energy Plan customers to store surplus power generated by their systems during the day for use at night. The battery can be also be charged with cheaper off-peak mains grid power for use during peak hours when required; such as in extended periods of heavy cloud.

Like solar panels before it, home energy storage is capturing the Australian public’s imagination and responding to a strong desire to reduce dependence on traditional power companies.

A survey conducted in Australia by investment bank Morgan Stanley in March* found half of all households had a strong interest in a solar and battery product.

According to Energy Matters, also a SunEdison company, more than 1,200 people have recently signed up for pre-release announcements regarding residential energy storage options.

For further information on SunEdison Energy Plan and other options for going solar, SunEdison Australia can be contacted on 133 SUN.

* As reported by Renew Economy

News item provided courtesy of Energy Matters Australia