14 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

14 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Bill shock is a common problem in Australia, and we are all looking for ways to reduce our electricity usage and prevent staggering bills from knocking us off our feet.

Here are some simple things you can do to lower your usage and won’t cost you a cent.

Our tips for saving energy

Make full use of the sun: Check the weather report and look out for the days with the most sunlight. Plan all of your clothes washing, drying, cleaning, pool pump usage etc., for those days, so you are making the most out of your solar panels. 

Change the temperature by a single degree: Turn your air-conditioning up a degree and your heating devices down a degree. You won’t notice the difference.

Set timers on your heating and cooling devices: With cooling, for example, set a timer, so it activates at 22-24°C degrees just before you arrive home. This prevents you from turning it on at an ultra-low temperature to cool your home rapidly and risk leaving it that way all night.

Utilise airflow: Experiment with opening windows and doors during summer so that you get the best possible airflow through your home to cool you down. 

Close your curtains and blinds: Up to 40 per cent of your heating can escape through your windows, even when they are closed. Your curtains and blinds make effective insulation.

Switch to LED lighting: They use 75 per cent less power than halogen options and last ten times longer, which is good for landfill.

Use mirrors to your advantage: Often, you can reflect sunlight into dark rooms to prevent the need to use lighting.

Turn off appliances at the switch: When you turn them off at the appliance, they are still going to draw small amounts of electricity:

Turn off standby mode: Turn off the light and see how many little glowing lights you see around the room. Disable them all. 

Cook everything at once: You waste valuable energy pre-heating your oven every time you want to cook or bake something. Plan a time to do as much cooking as possible, which will reduce your electricity use and help you prepare for the week ahead.

Shorter showers: Pick your two favourite songs, then play them while you are in the shower. When the tracks end, so does your shower.

Put a cup on your hot water tap: This makes it slightly inconvenient to use and makes you think twice before using hot water. It is incredible how much power this can save.

Wash with cold water: Unless you are dealing with some heavy-duty soiling, cold water and some effective laundry liquid or powder will get the job done without draining all the power.

Insulate hot water pipes: This prevents energy from being lost transporting hot water to your taps.

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Article provided courtesy of Energy Matters Australia.

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