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Regular maintenance key to optimum solar panel performance: CEC

Maintaining your solar panels on a regular basis will ensure optimum solar power performance from your installation.

That’s the message from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). While millions of Australians enjoy lower electricity bills, some are failing to make the most of their solar panel systems.

According to CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton, we should service our solar power installations in the same way we maintain our cars. This then ensures peak solar performance for decades to come.

Using a CEC accredited professional means you subsequently receive a level of maintenance and care which meets stringent national standards.

Energy Matters is an established and respected installer accredited by the CEC. Our professional network of technicians also reaches across Australia, offering quality service every time.

How to achieve optimum solar power performance

Because solar panels are designed to be self-cleaning, they can withstand a certain amount of build-up.

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Beyond a point, however, dust and dirt will need to be cleaned off. When carrying out maintenance yourself, it’s important to take safety precautions. This includes techniques such as cleaning from the ground using an extension brush. Otherwise, a CEC recognised technician can do the hard work for you.

If you have an existing solar panel installation or you’re thinking of getting one installed, also bear in mind the following points.

  • Core components of solar power systems are designed to last for decades.
  • Essential items like switches and cables need to be replaced at intervals.
  • Solar panels soiled with dirt and bird droppings won’t operate at peak capacity.
  • Faulty electronic monitoring systems can also under-deliver on solar power.
  • Consult the system documents for service and maintenance recommendations.

Why use CEC accredited solar panel installers for maintenance?

While the solar accreditation scheme has been around for decades, regulations have seen a significant upgrade over the last five years.

This has subsequently minimised severe incidents and boosted industry safety. It also means householders can enjoy the optimum performance from their solar power systems.

According to the CEC, more than 50 companies across Australia now meet the requirements to be an approved CEC retailer.

They, therefore, offer a minimum five-year whole system warranty as well as excellent customer service and ethical marketing practices.

It’s also essential to ensure your home battery storage is installed and maintained by specialists. Popular batteries like the Tesla Powerwall offer peak performance on a low maintenance schedule.

Article provided courtesy of Energy Matters Australia.