2kW Solar Power Systems

2kW Solar Power Systems

A 2kW solar power system is a sensible system size for an average Australian home that is usually empty during the day. Feed in tariffs being what they are, that is favouring the big greedy power companies makes using as much of your solar power more economical as the price of buying power from the grid is much higher than the feed-in tariff export price.

How many solar panels does a 2kW system have?

The solar array of a 2kW system will have eight solar panels @ 250W per panel. Eight solar panels @ 1.6m x 1m will require about 13m² of roof space or solar panel mounting area.

The image below can give an idea of the size of a 2kW solar power systems panel array.

2.0kw solar power system size

Below is what a 2kW system looks like in real life.

2kW Solar Power System

How much electrical power can a 2kW solar power system produce?

A 2kW system can make between 7.5kWh to 8.5kWh of electricity per day which is half the electricity that most average Australian homes use.

How much revenue can a 2kW system earn?

The amount of payback money you get from a 2kW system will depend on the time you use power in your home. If the house is empty for most of the day and energy is being exported then you will be getting paid for that power at whatever your feed-in tariff rate is, around 8c per kWh at the time of this article. However, if you are using most of your solar electricity during the day then you will be saving much more as the price of power from the grid is always much higher than the export price paid back to solar power system owners.

Take a look at the three possible outcomes below.

  • 1. All the electricity your 2kW system generates is consumed in your home, and this will save $900 to $1100 for the first year and up to $24,990 in 25 years.
  • 2. Half of the electricity from the system is exported, this would be a saving of $600 to $700 in the first year of operation.
  • 3. 100% of the electricity from the solar system is sold back to the grid saving you about $200 to $300 in the first year.

How much does a 2kW solar power system cost?

In the ballpark of $5000 to $6000 outright with about $1200 back from the solar rebate.

For an exact price of a 2kW system including installation by an Accredited solar installer get an Online Solar Quote.

How long will a 2kW system take to pay for itself?

Good question! There are just too many variables to answer that question here in this article. Luckily there is a Solar Payback Calculator that can do all the work for you.