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Solar PV Accreditation

Solar PV Accreditation

Accredited Solar Installers

Accredited Solar Installers

The Solar PV Accreditation system operated by the Clean Energy Council of Australia provides solar panel installers and electrical contractors ongoing access to professional development and technical support ensuring the best possible standard of solar PV installations throughout Australia.

Solar power systems installed by CEC accredited installers are eligible for government rebates including small-scale technology certificates and feed-in tariffs.

Choosing an accredited solar or battery installer can give solar owners some reassurance that their system is installed to the correct standards and industry best practice. Currently, there are more than 4800 installers registered as accredited and the number is growing.

There are 4 steps in the Clean Energy Council's solar accreditation process.

  • 1. The completion of the required training.
  • 2. An application for a provisional accreditation.
  • 3. Upgrade to the full accreditation.
  • 4. Renewal and continuous professional development.

There are also add-ons or endorsements that can be applied to an existing accreditation after additional training modules have been completed, these include:

Battery Storage Endorsement - To apply for the Clean Energy Council Storage endorsement additional training modules about grid-connected battery energy storage system design and installation must be completed.

The Clean Energy Council has created industry standards and guidelines around the installation of grid-connect battery energy storage systems . CEC accredited solar and battery installers are required to adhere to these guidelines.

Approved Solar Retailers

Approved Solar Retailers

An Approved Solar Retailer is a solar company or distributor that has signed and agreed to the Clean Energy Council’s Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct.

When you purchase solar PV system components from an Approved Solar Retailer you can be confident you are getting good quality components that are on the Clean Energy Council's list of approved products.