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8kW Solar with Tesla Powerwall in Cowan NSW

installation by Skyline Solar

Showroom - 317 Windsor Rd, Vineyard NSW 2765
1300 759 765

Skyline Solar have completed the installation of this 8kW solar power system with battery storage by Tesla Powerwall 2 in Cowan NSW.

It’s good to see that there are many clients out there that are smart enough to see through a salesman’s stories just to get a commission on a sale!

This home owner contacted Skyline Solar after a larger companies offer just didn’t seem right. Knowing her stuff the customer felt confident that Skyline Solar were providing honest information about what to expect from her solar installation.

In this heavily shaded location a standard solar power system just wouldn’t perform compared to how a SolarEdge system would, 8kW of solar panels on 3 roofs with 2 inverters and a Tesla Powerwall is what will balance out the energy needs at this property.

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