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500kW Solar Power System in Shepparton

installation by Energis

17 McClure Rd, Kensington VIC 3031
1300 782 217

This 500kW solar power system installation was completed by Energis for a fruit producer in Shepparton, Victoria.

The installation was commissioned in May 2018 and was approved by the regulator in May 2018. This solar system will generate a yearly average daily production of 2,022.47kWh. Driven by the importance to build on sustainable practices and motivated by the increasing energy prices, 500kW of solar panels were added to their existing 100kW system. The 129 years old Victorian company now has a 600kW solar power system to call its own and will save approximately $124,200 per annum in their electricity bills.

Go clean and save money with Energis!

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