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750kW Commercial Solar Power in Sale Victoria

installation by Gippsland Solar

66 Ridgway, Mirboo North VIC 3871
1300 447 765

Gippsland Solar has completed the installation of the most extensive hospital solar panel array in Australia.

Well, it was a record-breaking start to the year for our team, switching on the most extensive solar array on a school in Australia (888kW at Camberwell Grammar School).

Now we’ve ended the year with another record, the largest hospital installation in the country as well!

This 750kW (2,250 panels) system at Central Gippsland Health Service in Sale was a tremendous challenge for our team. With the wireless connection between buildings, complex structural requirements, and the sensitive nature of working in a hospital, there were hurdles at every turn.

It pushed our installers, designers and engineers to the limits, and raised the bar for future GipSol projects.

As always, we are using our favourite Fronius Australia inverters for this project.

We have loved every minute working with Jon Millar and the CGHS team. Your professionalism and commitment to sustainability have been inspiring, and we are proud to have delivered this monumental project without a hitch.

Here’s to another bumper year in 2019, we can’t wait to show what we are working on!

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