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Commercial Solar Power System in Gladstone NSW 2440

installation by Self Sufficiency Supplies

62 Hillview Dr, South Kempsey NSW 2440
02 6562 7704

Gladstone NSW is a small semi-rural village located on the bank of the Macleay river about 16km north of Kempsey. A peaceful place Gladstone is also the head office of Solar Directory.

Solar power has become very popular with the residents of Gladstone. As I walk around town, it seems every week another home is installing solar panels.

One solar panel installation stands out and is almost impossible not to miss, and that's the new system installed at The Gladstone Hub.

The Gladstone Hub is a retail store located right in the centre of town and now runs on solar with a system installed by Self Sufficiency Supplies. The system has 20 solar panels and one Growatt 5000TL-X inverter.

The solar panels are well-positioned with little shading, and as this business mostly opens during the day, the system should provide a good return on investment and payback time.

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