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Best Online Solar Quote Services

There are an ever increasing number of websites on the Internet offering solar quoting services, most of these sites generally operate in a similar way, solar panel installers register their solar business with the website owner and are added to the sites data base, when a visitor comes to the site and fills out the solar quote form the requested information is automatically forwarded to the relevant solar businesses usually this is determined by postcode or geographical location.

The big advantage with this method of obtaining a solar quote is that there is only one form to fill out which can be sent to multiple installers saving you time, usually up to 4 installers can receive the quote request and there is never any obligation to buy.

Listed below are some of the top rated solar quote websites servicing the Australian solar market.

Solar Quotes

The Solar Quotes website has been in operation since around 2009 and was originally started up by Finn Peacock, their head office is located in Adelaide SA.

Finn has earned a bit of a reputation in the industry as a solar guru with many years experience and good knowledge of both solar power and the Australian solar market.

The Solar Quotes website offers an online quote service for a number of solar related products including solar electricity, solar off grid with batteries, solar hot water systems, solar power for business & solar maintenance and upgrades.

Without having any inside knowledge of how the website operates it is reasonable to say that Solar Quotes probably has the largest database of solar installers as it ranks high in Google and has been in operation for the longest time. The site also has a massive library of information about solar power with hints and tips for choosing the right size system, there is also a large section dedicated to solar installer reviews with thousands of genuine uncensored customer reviews from all over Australia.

Visit the Solar Quotes website  

Solar Market

The Solar Market website provides an online solar quote service, site users can fill out an online quote form and get 3 quotes from their nearest local solar installers.

The site has been in operation since 2010 and is owned and operated by The Quote Company PTY LTD based in Perth WA.

Solar Market has a good library of information relating to buying solar power with information about solar rebates, feed in tariffs and an excellent online solar calculator application that can help you find the best system size as well as calculating system payback times.

Visit the Solar Market website  

Your Solar Quotes

The Your Solar Quotes website is again offering a similar service to most of the other websites with the standard fill out the form and get 3 quotes model, the form on this website is very simple and easy to fill out. There is some good solar information posted on the site including a solar blog and hints and tips on solar hot water & solar rebates.

Visit the Your Solar Quotes website  

Australian Solar Quotes

The Australian Solar Quotes website is a relative newcomer on the scene however this website ranks very high in Google and may overtake SolarQuotes.com.au as the number one search result in the near future.

The site is operated by Darryn Van Hout who has over ten years experience in the Australian energy space.

The same deal applies here, fill out the online form and get 3 quotes from local solar installers, the website itself has a cool modern look with some good information about the Australian solar industry including a solar news section, information about solar panels, inverters, solar rebates & feed in tariffs as well a an excellent solar calculator.

Visit the Australian Solar Quotes website  

Solar Choice

Solar Choice offers an Australia wide solar brokering and solar system installation quote comparison service, the heading on the online quote form on this website states that quotes from up to 7 solar installers can be compared with the option of choosing which 3 installers have permission to contact you.

The Solar Choice website is full of very useful information related to the solar power industry in Australia with some great informative articles including a monthly report of solar power system prices in all Australian capital cities.

Visit the Solar Choice website 

What's In A Solar Quote?

Some of the information you should expect to receive on your quote:

  • Full system price including installation by a fully accredited pv installer.
  • System kW size.
  • Number of solar panels needed.
  • Roof surface area required for solar panel installation.
  • Expected delivery and job completion time and date.
  • Brand names and model numbers of all system components, solar panels, inverter and retail prices they intend to charge for components.
  • Expected system power output in kWh's.
  • Electrical contractors qualification and licensing information.
  • Clean Energy Council PV accreditation information.
  • Detailed warranty information.
  • Full contact details of installer.

The detailed information you have on your quote can help you with some online research, for example you can search for the name of the installer and see what kind of reviews or experiences other customers have had with a particular tradesman. The Green tech section on the Whirlpool forum can be a good place to find this type of information.

If the quote has details of system components with individual prices you now have the ability to browse the web and see what the average price is for specific inverters and solar panels, keep in mind that tradespersons generally have access to wholesale or trade prices for solar power system components.

Getting a Solar Price or Quote

Getting and comparing quotes is a good way to determine what is a reasonable and fair price for your desired size solar power system, it is good practice to get at least three written quotes.

A couple of good points to remember:

  • Make sure each quote can easily be compared with the others and have the same types of information.
  • When submitting your information be sure to provide the same information to each solar contractor.

Job Briefs Can Be Helpful

Regardless of how small the solar power system is that you want to install, you should write a job brief to help the installer understand precisely what you want done.

A job brief should:

  • Be as specific as you can.
  • List the names of the brands and components that you want used in the solar project.
  • Include every possible aspect of what you have in mind for the system.
  • Attach any drawings, plans or photographs of your roof if you have them.

Best of luck on your solar journey! :)

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