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If you are shopping around for a solar panel installation or even solar with battery storage and have already done all the research and know what size system you want, then it's time to find a quality solar installer and get a price.

Using a web search engine to find solar panel installers has its pitfalls as search engine results are calculated by machines reading website content and are not human moderated. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because an installer's website appears at the top of Google search results, it is the best one to choose. In many cases may not be so.

The best option is to use one of the many online solar quote services available.

How do solar quote websites work?

Solar installers register with the quote site, provide their business and contact details, and then add them to the database.

People shopping for an installer can visit a quote website then fill out a simple online form providing basic information about their solar power system requirements. These details are automatically sent to at least three relevant installers, usually as close as possible to the address of the proposed installation.

Then, the installers will get in touch with the proposal and a legally binding and valid solar quote.

Some of the main advantages of this system are the ability to request at least three quotes by filling out one form, and in most cases, you can read genuine customer reviews of each solar company to help you make a decision.

Online Solar Quote Websites in Australia 2021

Solar Quotes 

The Solar Quotes website has been in operation since around 2009 and was initially started up by Finn Peacock. The Solar Quotes head office is located in Adelaide SA. Finn has earned a solid reputation in the industry as a solar guru with many years experience and good knowledge of both solar power and the Australian solar market.

The Solar Quotes website offers an online quote service for many solar related products including solar power systems, solar panel installation, battery storage, off-grid solar, solar hot water systems, commercial solar power and system maintenance and upgrades.

Without having any inside knowledge of how the website operates it is reasonable to say that Solar Quotes probably has the most extensive network of solar panel installers across Australia as it ranks high in Google and has been in operation for the longest time. The site also has a massive library of information about solar power with hints and tips for choosing the right size system, and there is also a large section dedicated to solar installer reviews with thousands of genuine, uncensored customer reviews from all over Australia.

The Solar Quotes website is owned by Peacock Media Group Pty Ltd ACN: 140 645 932
Head office: 3/39 Grenfell St Adelaide SA 5000
Google map:
Ph: 08 7200 0177
Fax: 08 8121 8547
Facebook page:

Solar Choice 

Solar Choice is another good website for quotes and has been in operation since 2008, providing Australians with unbiased solar information and quotes from an extensive database of pre-vetted solar panel installers.

Solar Choice delivers a large volume of residential and commercial solar projects to their vast network of installers and have the ability to choose the most reputable solar companies doing business in Australia.

Solar Choice has provided well over 250,000 solar quotes to Australian households and businesses for free for over 12 years.

The Solar Choice website is owned by Solar Choice Pty Ltd ABN: 97 134 064 958
Head office: Level 3, 39 East Esplanade Manly NSW 2095
Google map:
Ph: 1300 78 72 73
Facebook page:

Solar Market 

The Solar Market website provides an online solar quote service, and site users can fill out an online quote form and get three quotes from their nearest local solar installers. The site has been in operation since 2010 and is owned and operated by The Quote Company Pty Ltd based in Perth WA. Solar Market has a good library of information relating to buying solar power with information about solar rebates, feed-in tariffs and an excellent online solar calculator application that can help you find the best system size as well as calculating system payback times.

The Solar Market website is owned by The Quote Company Pty Ltd ABN: 53 154 910 004
Head office: 45 Labouchere Rd South Perth WA 6151
The Quote Company on Google Maps
Ph: 1300 722 687
Fax: 1300 722 697
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook Page

Australian Solar Quotes 

The Australian Solar Quotes website is a relative newcomer on the scene however this website ranks very high in Google. The site is operated by Darryn Van Hout who has over ten years experience in the Australian energy space.

The same deal applies here, fill out the online form and get 3 quotes from local solar installers, the website itself has a modern look with some good information about the Australian solar industry including a solar news section, information about solar panels, inverters, solar rebates and feed-in tariffs as well as an excellent solar calculator.

The Australian Solar Quotes website is owned by AUSTRALIANSOLARQUOTES.COM.AU PTY LTD ABN 12 641 632 804
Head office: Level 21 Central Plaza 345 Queen St Brisbane QLD 4000
Australian Solar Quotes on Google Maps
Ph: 1300 255 474
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook Page

Your Solar Quotes 

The Your Solar Quotes website is again offering a similar service to most of the others with the standard fill out the form and get three quotes model, the form on this website is straightforward and easy to fill out. There is some good solar information posted on the site including a solar blog and hints and tips on solar hot water and solar rebates.

The Your Solar Quotes website is owned by YOUR SOLAR QUOTES PTY LTD ABN 23 167 727 406
Head office: Level 2, 127 Creek St Brisbane City QLD 4000
Your Solar Quotes on Google Maps
Ph: 1300 660 848
Facebook Page

Go Solar Quotes 

GoSolarQuote’s mission is to help more Australian understand solar systems to make the best choice before purchase. We aim to make the complexities of selecting the right size and type of solar system easy for the user to understand, by breaking everything down into an easy to follow articles on the various topics searched.

By empowering homeowners with information, they are less likely to overpay for a solar panels and more likely to get a top-quality solar installation that will serve all their power needs.

The Go Solar Quotes website is owned by Go Quotes Pty Ltd ABN: 41 624 850 166
Head office: Chester Hill NSW 2162
Google map:

Compare Solar Quotes 

Compare Solar Quotes is one of Australia’s leading solar power renewable energy information sites. Compare Solar Quotes provide an opportunity to compare solar quotations from local solar panel installation service providers in your local area. Compare Solar Quotes also facilitate the latest solar PV information and resources to assist you in purchasing and installing a solar power system in your home or business.

The Compare Solar Quotes website is owned by INSTANT QUOTES PTY LTD ABN: 97 647 585 573
Head office: 171 Marsden Rd, Carlingford NSW 2118
Google map:
Ph: 1300 90 44 97

Tip: Do Your Solar Research!

Learn about solar power, what brands of solar panels and system components are good and not so good.

The following website provide good information on what to look for when installing a solar power or battery storage system.

Choose a Good Power Company (if you can find one)

Get in touch with your electricity retailer to find out how changing to solar will impact your electricity rates. Your electricity retailer will also arrange a new digital meter for you when you use solar energy.

There is a good list of electricity company comparison website for each state on the Australian Energy Regulator Website, Be sure to check if:

Once you’ve decided on an electricity retailer, they will arrange for a new digital meter for you.

Shop around for an accredited solar panel installer

Get a range of quotes from different solar installers. You’ll find a list of accredited installers on the Clean Energy Council's website

Ask for a written quotation and contract before signing up. Understand the following:

  • the total price of the system and installation
  • proposed start and completion dates
  • specifications of the size and output of the system as well as the inverter specifications
  • estimates of the average output of the system, including an estimate of output during the best and worst months of the year
  • warranties and guarantees.

If you have any problems with your solar installer you can contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

In most circumstances, your solar installer will manage your connection to the grid.

You can also get more information about connecting your solar PV system to the electricity network from your electricity distributor, which will be Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy or Essential Energy. Take a look at your most recent bill to check the name of your distributor and contact them.

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