The top 5 best solar panels for business in Australia 2022.

The Top 5 Best Solar Panels for Business in Australia 2022.

Many business owners ask us what are the best commercial solar panels? or which solar panels should I install for my business?

Firstly, I just want to start off by saying that finding the best solar panels for your business shouldn't be your main priority when looking into installing solar.

At the end of the day, your main priority should be finding the best commercial solar installer. You can have the best solar panels in the world, but if installed incorrectly, they will only last a few years.

However, in saying this, it's always important to find the right commercial solar panels that suit you and your business requirements best. Again, it's worth some time to understand why you are installing solar panels for your business. Different solar panels will work better with business owners' different goals and objectives.

Let's jump into finding the 6 best commercial solar panels my team, and I have found work best for all businesses. We've chosen these based on previous experience and other factors such as price, warranties and performance.

Now, if you are still unsure about commercial solar you can read my guide on the 12 logical reasons why commercial solar will benefit your business.

There may be some of you who are actually ready to start collecting quotes as well, so please feel free to get in touch with me and my team through our commercial solar page. (you can see some of our work there as well).

Listed below are the 5 best solar panels you can buy for your business.

5. Canadian Solar HiKu 450w

Canadian Solar company logo

Canadian solar panels have created a presence in the commercial solar scene. I would even argue that their commercial solar range is more known and popular than their residential range. However, this is just coming from my opinion (from what I've seen).

One extra thing to note is the cost of Canadian panels. They are more affordable than LG solar panels but have a shorter product warranty.

With a lower cost price comes a faster return on investment and bigger business growth. You will certainly see a huge reduction in your operational costs and energy bills with Canadian solar panels installed, that's for sure.

I am such a big fan of these solar panels because they are constantly developing. You can see the journey of Canadian solar panels and how far they have come, here's my full review on them. This means the budget is being pushed into these panels to ensure they are top of the range.

Last year, Canadian solar beat the world record for panel conversion efficiency. Through advanced N-Type cell technology, they could get a whopping 23.81% on their solar panels. This shows how far they have come and why they're one of the best solar panels you can buy for your business.

Most notably, Canadian solar panels were used to create a 100MW solar farm in Oakley, Queensland. This is impressive, but not quite as impressive as the 333MW solar farm in NSW that they supplied with their commercial modules. They are being trusted with large jobs.

I highly recommend Canadian as good commercial solar panels for business owners.


  • 450w Max Power Output
  • 144/132/120 Dual Cell
  • Monocrystalline Perc Cells
  • 20.4% Module Efficiency
  • 12-Year Product Warranty
  • 25-Year Performance Warranty
  • Power Tolerance 0 ~ + 5w


  • Affordable commercial solar solution
  • The company is developing into an industry leader
  • Trusted panels for huge solar farms


  • Shorter warranty
  • Still room for improvement

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4. SunPower Performance 3 420w

SunPower company logo

I promise I'm not being biased here. Still, SunPower has got to be one of my personal favourite solar panels ever. They're sleek, come with an industry-leading warranty and are known as the most efficient solar panels on the market.

Using advanced technology, SunPower solar panels will look to slash your business costs by a huge amount. Because their solar panels are such high performers, you can expect a large reduction in energy costs for your business. Of course, let's not forget how awesome these panels will look and increase your commercial property value.

What's really impressive is the design of their solar panels. Using technology like all-black anti-reflective glass, these panels absorb more energy and reflect less. It's suggested that the performance panels can generate up to 8% more energy than conventional panels.

It's been claimed that SunPower previously had some bankability issues, which can create a big worry for consumers regarding warranties and payouts. I'm not sure this is true, but there is some information and speculation that they were on the border of being broke. However, since then, they have split the company in two, SunPower and Maxeon, each focusing on different areas of panel manufacturing.

Overall, I would say that SunPower is an excellent choice for your business. The panels are expensive; however, you pay for what you get. The quality exceeds most other panels in the industry and offers a 25-year product warranty. It's setting them apart from the crowd.

However, this high cost will result in a slower return on investment. It's pretty close, though, because you will see a greater return at the end, plus a larger increase in your property value. I'd say that the pros and cons actually balance each other out.


  • 420w Max Power Output
  • Monocrystalline PERC cells
  • 20.4% Module Efficiency
  • Lower Temperatures From Unique Bussing
  • Anti-Reflective Glass
  • 25-Year Product Warranty
  • 25-Year Performance Warranty
  • Power Tolerance +5/–0%


  • Exceptional performance
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Sleek, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Increase your commercial property value


  • Mid-range solar solution
  • The company may have previous debt issues

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3. Trina Vertex TSM-DE18M(II) 480w

Trina Solar company logo

This panel is an absolute beast! Before we go on, I want to say that the top 3 positions were extremely close. All 3 solar panels are perfect for so many different reasons. It was super close to deciding, so just know that any of these 3 solar panels would make an amazing solar solution for your business.

Anyway, back onto Trina's incredible commercial solar panel. Honestly, it's pretty much got everything you want. High efficiency, good warranties and fantastic performance and technology. Not only this, but Trina is very affordable. Just like Jinko and Longi, you can get a swift return on investment with Trina panels.

Let's not forget about the company as well. Trina is actually one of the oldest and longest-standing solar manufacturers. They have been around since 1997 and still being here in 2021 shows how great their product and business models are. Unlike SunPower, they haven't split in two and have a strong bankability. I can't see them going anywhere in the future either.

Looking at the solar panel stats, you can see how Trina has created an extremely effective solar panel for business owners. The only area that starts to slip is the warranty. They offer a 12-year product warranty which is fairly short compared to the rest. Although their performance warranty matches the industry standard, they should try to increase their product warranty, even if it's just a few years.

As I said before, this was extremely close between the top 3. You can probably see why now. So, believe me when I say that Trina solar panels will be one of the best solar panels you can choose for your business.


  • 480w Max Power Output
  • 150 Monocrystalline cells
  • 20.1% Module Efficiency
  • Anti-Reflective, Heat Strengthened Glass
  • 12-Year Product Warranty
  • 25-Year Performance Warranty
  • Reduced BOS (Balance Of System) Cost
  • Power Tolerance +5/–0%


  • Affordable solar panels
  • High efficiency
  • High performance
  • Long-standing company with great bankability
  • Fast return on investment


  • Shorter warranty than others

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2. Longi HiMO 4 LR4-72HBD 450w

Longi Solar company logo

The HiMO4 is one of the most popular commercial solar panels we currently sell. The return on investment you can get from these panels is amazing and super fast. I would say that is where Longi dominates in the industry. They provide affordable solutions that offer speedy returns.

If you have never heard of Longi, they are a long-standing solar manufacturer that only produces monocrystalline (higher quality) solar panels. You can be sure that if you decide to install Longi panels, you will be getting a genuinely high-quality product. I’ve written a full review about Longi solar panels here.

Honestly, I would go as far as saying Longi panels are one of the best in the industry. Their quality is next to none. Using advanced technology and sticking to only Mono panels set themselves apart from others. Their technology has won them several notable awards in the industry, proving their work's effectiveness.

The only area where Longi needs improvement is their warranty. I believe they can offer a 25-year product warranty or even a 15-year instead of a 12. It's a little disappointing because they could easily become the best panels in the industry by offering this. I know their panels are high quality. In saying this, they have extended their performance warranty to 30 years instead of the industry average of 25 years. This shows how confident they are in the quality of their solar panels.

But yeah, Longi HiMO4 is one of the best solar panels you can buy for your business. It will provide you with a swift ROI compared to others; of course, the quality will last a lifetime. Choosing Longi to slash your business costs would be a wise move.


  • 450w Max Power Output
  • 9 Busbar Half-Cut Cells
  • 144 Monocrystalline Cells
  • 20.7% Module Efficiency
  • M6 Gallium-Doped Wafer
  • 12-Year Product Warranty
  • 30-Year Performance Warranty
  • Power Tolerance +5/–0%


  • Affordable solar panels
  • Fast return on investment
  • Great quality product
  • Longi on manufacturer monocrystalline panels


  • Shorter warranty than others

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1. Jinko Tiger Bifacial 475w

Jinko Solar company logo

Finally, we get to #1, What I believe to be the best commercial solar panels you can buy on the market in Australia in 2022.

Honestly, Jinko's Tiger solar panel is absolutely incredible. They have really outdone themselves here. I've known for a long time that Jinko wanted to be the industry leader. This solar panel is certainly pushing them up there. They're offering a panel that pretty much no one else can match right now.

Other panel manufacturers could create a panel like this, but they would have to charge double the price. Take a look at SunPower, for example. Yes, they offer long warranties and provide a highly efficient solar panel, but the price is way higher.

Jinko has matched all of this, including a longer product warranty, but for a much more affordable price. SunPower has a higher conversion efficiency, but that shouldn't even matter when buying a solar panel. If you care about those statistics, you are doing it wrong. Please read my blog on solar panel efficiency to understand why it doesn't matter.

A more affordable solar solution comes with a faster return on investment. Isn't that why most business owners look at getting solar? To slash their business cost?

Jinko's Tiger panel will be the best option for fast returns, high quality and a long-lasting, reliable warranty. Seriously, Jinko is so affordable. This is why I've chosen them as a winner. They provide the same solutions as LG and SunPower, just for a price everyone can afford. It's changing the industry.

If you want to slash your business costs for an affordable price and pay off your system within a realistic timeframe, then Jinko is the best panel for this. Once you've paid off your system, you can look to see a huge return from these tiger panels.

And of course, let's not forget that impressive 30-year product warranty. You can invest in this panel without any risks or stress. If anything happens, you are covered for 30 years. That's pretty much unheard of in the solar industry. You would have paid off the cost of your system through savings way before the 30 years.


  • 475w Max Power Output
  • 156 Monocrystalline cells
  • P-Type Mono Cells
  • 21.16% Module Efficiency
  • 9 Busbar Lines
  • 30 Year Product Warranty
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty
  • TR Technology
  • Power Tolerance 0~+3%


  • Longest warranty in the industry
  • High performing solar panels
  • High efficiency
  • Fast return on investment
  • Affordable solar panel solution


  • None

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The top 5 best commercial solar panels you can buy for your business. To give you an idea of why I decided on these, I focused on what matters the most for business owners.

9/10 when we consult a specially designed commercial solar system with business owners, the goal is to slash business costs and achieve a realistic payback period. Therefore, we've found that the best solar panels to do this are the most affordable, with a good warranty and high quality.

Therefore, I believe Jinko is the clear winner. And shortly behind are Longi and Trina because they can provide a similar, affordable solution. Additionally, the best thing to do is understand your business goals. This will help you decide on which panel is best.

However, I have to say that all solar panels will slash your costs, and all will be an effective solution. Any of these solar panels will be a great asset to your business regardless. We've chosen our best 5 and tried to find an overall winner.

If you have a large budget, then, believe me, SunPower and LG will be a great option for you. I just feel like business owners are looking for affordable solar solutions that can provide a fast return. This may be slower with SunPower or LG. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic panels and both industry leaders, but they are much more expensive.

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